What You didn’t Know About Tobacco.

I have been wanting and craving to write this article since time immemorial, the exams, school and everything that is associated with Education has been a major barrier and well also my laziness is a factor. Jumping off the blame and excuse isle, let’s talk about tobacco in depth, I am talking about Shisha, cigarettes and all those fancy things that you put between lips so as to produce smoke from your nostrils and mouth as deemed classy. We cannot rule out the fact that Tobacco has earned our country a significant amount of money, but then, the effect it … Continue reading What You didn’t Know About Tobacco.

I Simply Watched and did Nothing.

By. Mauryn,┬ámauryn143.blogspot.com Years ago I watched as a person very close to my heart/life was humiliated and rejected by almost everyone just because she had AIDS. Her own mother treated her like a leper…her children were told to keep away from her because she would infect them. How? Nobody could answer that then. She was found by the roadside near dead and eventually did pass on surrounded by strangers. Years have gone by and I have worked on forgiving myself for walking away from her when she needed someone. I have tried to convince myself that I was only ten … Continue reading I Simply Watched and did Nothing.