I Simply Watched and did Nothing.

By. Mauryn, mauryn143.blogspot.com Years ago I watched as a person very close to my heart/life was humiliated and rejected by almost everyone just because she had AIDS. Her own mother treated her like a leper…her children were told to keep away from her because she would infect them. How? Nobody could answer that then. She was found by the roadside near dead and eventually did pass on surrounded by strangers. Years have gone by and I have worked on forgiving myself for walking away from her when she needed someone. I have tried to convince myself that I was only ten … Continue reading I Simply Watched and did Nothing.

Adolescent Health In Uganda.

The number of youth in Uganda is on an all time high and that means that the number of adolescents is also high. It worries every one because many of these adolescents are not getting the health care and health information that they need to safely shift into adulthood without attaining life threatening diseases like HIV/AIDs and Cancer. This is probably due to the fact that the youth are greatly excluded from decisions that concern them especially those in relation to health and sexual health to be precise. information is scarce hence teenage pregnancies are on a rise and so … Continue reading Adolescent Health In Uganda.

Say No To Save Lives, Tobacco Kills…

It was a Friday and we converged at National Theatre one of the no smoking areas in Uganda, this time, we had come to celebrate and to say thank you to the people who pushed the Tobacco Control Bill till it was passed and the act signed by the President of the great Banana Republic. It was a different day, we were not going to Parliament, behind closed doors to discuss the bill, neither were we trying to sensitized people against the dangers of Tobacco, we were celebrating and sensitizing people about the main clauses of the Bill. Shirts with … Continue reading Say No To Save Lives, Tobacco Kills…

Lethal theory

As the light of day dims and street lamps are switched on, The streets get crowded, These clumsy streets of my country, With ladies and gentlemen, The ladies in every state of beauty, The gents smart by the weather, Hand in hand they move, Down these clumsy streets. With make up and fake hair, Others with real hair, Nice cuticle and unquestionable dressing, It’s a Saturday in these parts, The clubs are booming with music, Dancehall, oldies and hiphop, Bikini night theme nights, Bulky men by the club doors, Screams of satisfaction heard from afar. Down these clumsy streets. Life … Continue reading Lethal theory