Hi there!

​Thank you for getting to know who I am. Am truly grateful!

​Welcome to my life, my most tremendously poetry project yet to be a major blog in the country. A blog with my name on it and where you will be flying between 610 and 200 meters above poetry level.

​This is a place where every time I feel like speaking to my self, complain or appreciate love, I grab my pen, note book and engage myself in a poetic adventure in these Internet jungles of zombies, social media freaks and online buzz .

​I like making new friends. As a matter of fact, am a social banger who never misses any event around town whether invited or uninvited. I believe that as a young person, you need to put aside books some time and interact with people.

​Did I say books? Well for starters when am in class, I read books by default of being  a student of Development Studies at Makerere University Kampala. But outside class, books (and reading) give my soul to the universe, wings to my mind, flight to my imagination and life to my everything. Just give me a novel, you will learn more about me!

​But hey, let’s leave poetry, partying and novels aside. Am a very hard working chap when it comes to life outside class. I do a lot of volunteering when it comes to writing and management. Am a content creator for Intensity Technologies, Am a writer for Campus Bee and my new found love This Is Uganda.

​Do you want to talk to me? Feel free and send me a tweet or follow me @DavisKawalya or send me mail shawndaviskawalya@gmail.com I will be waiting for you!



  1. I am glad I hit the follow button after I read a comment you made on one of my previous posts. You have a great blog with posts that one can easily relate to. I am not a fan of reading never ending blog posts but yours are just right, not too long and not to short. Keep writing 🙂

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