We need African Unity

Having written this on another platform, I felt it wise to share with my followers on here. This is an insight on what our forefathers foresaw, and why we actually need African Unity.

WakeUP Africa!

Uniting Africa is a task that must be done and its the responsibilty of us all to do so!


The founding fathers of most African countries, those that forth for the continents independents all had the vision of unity for the continent and as such there was an unimaginable level of unity, togetherness or oneness among Africans. This was the case within their different borders, the unity and togetherness was one of the factors that many philosophers thought would lead the great continent of the Black people to a whole new level of development. These would set the continent on the path for economical, socially, and political development. But unfortunately, the fading phase of this unity might become the downfall of many African nations.

From the systems in which most of us were born to the systems that are responsible for the current mayhem, we can agree that it was…

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