I am sad. I don’t even have the words to rightly say this, but it’s like I have been cut open and I am just bleeding endlessly. I am falling and there’s nothing I can do about it. My eyes are filled with eye cleansing liquid waiting to draw trenches down my face.

Someone so close to me, at 75 years of age, has been diagnosed with Cancer.

My feelings are everywhere. My heart is heavy. My imaginations and my heart, are rushing. I am so down.

Pray for him!



  1. I am so sorry to hear this Davis. I have first hand experience of a loved one being diagnosed with cancer. But nothing prayer can’t change. We serve a Living God. Praying with you

  2. I have been hearing of s0me family members as well visiting from Ug who are claiming of high cases of cancer from their close one. I wonder what this is to do with the current state of Uganda’s health status. Should this be something of a worry to further investigate further down the line.

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