Kampala socialites; More trend chasers than trend-setters

Contrary to popular belief, Ugandan socialites are more of trend chasers than they are trend-setters. On various occasions, the populace has been let down by the growing copy cat behavior of Ugandan Socialites and celebrities to the extent of being disgusted by the behavior of the people they are supposed to look up to.

It’s so absurd that our socialites are the kind of people that will go with the trends they see on E, or when they travel to Countries like UAE and instead of coming back with something new, they come back with recycled trends- it baffles me much.

The status of socialites in Uganda is highly founded on the copy cat mechanisms most of them gathered and crammed back in high school which explains why most of them fall on trends instead of creating trends that would inspire the rest of us to follow- it breaks my heart much!

This also partly explains the reason as to why African fashion trends are dragged and dropped for western fashion trends that fit the eye of the socialites thus shunning the rich heritage of African trends. If you attended the previous Blankets and Wine, you can bare me witness. So, I pose the question; What is going on?



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