KoiKoi Ug takes on South Western Uganda


If you haven’t heard about #KoikoiUg by now, you are living under a rock of massive proportions. For the last almost 2 years they have blessed the our timelines with breathtaking pictures about Uganda. They got us questioning our stereotypes about Uganda and gave us a great sense of appreciation for our country, Uganda, the pearl of Africa.


The #KoiKoiUg initiative is a road trip experience that seeks to tell more authentic Ugandan stories through documentation of affordable, more off-the-path possible local adventures. By documenting and highlighting Ugandan sights and sounds, people and culture, the campaign shows Uganda in a different, more positive light which ultimately works to challenge stereotypes and uplift local and international tourism.


The Kafunda Kreative #KoikoiSW trip in partnership with Airtel Uganda, the smartphone network and Shell Fuels & Lubricants had young Ugandans visit the areas of Kisoro and Bunyonyi experiencing everything from Uganda’s vast wild animal and birding population, to breathtaking vistas, folklore and legend, and adrenaline sports.


Faith, a social media manager and presenter with famed Christian radio station said, “Lake Bunyonyi is truly a destination venue, with rich history, each island telling a story from the punishment island where pregnant girls would be abandoned to die to the guitar shaped island whose Japanese owners are yet to return, the mystic upside-down island .You’d want to experience each of these for yourself.”


“South Western Uganda presented a really interesting combination of experiences. Vast untouched islands and intact forest and wildlife to explore, coupled by rich folklore and legend, breathtaking sights and of course a little adrenaline rush. Thanks for Shell Fuel Save who are getting us there, and a reliable country wide Airtel connection, that enabled us share our stories over the last month. ” – David Ogutu. Team leader, Kafunda Kreative.


The trip attracted over 10 professional photographers and filmmakers, and a total of 40 travellers altogether. And if the pictures are anything to go by, one of the biggest #KoikoiUg trips yet. But don’t take our word for it, here are some pictures that will make you wonder why you haven’t visited Lake Bunyonyi and South Western Uganda yourself.



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