He cut me the whole tomato

Last week, I had a chance of being part of a Reach A Hand Uganda [RAHU] team that was travelling to Koboko to offer digital support to one of their partners,  Partners in Community Transformation [PICOT].

We set off at around 2pm and only arrived in Arua where we were to put up at about 10pm. After travelling over 500kms, all I wanted was a rolex. A rolex in a different city, a different district, far away from my own home.

You know, these guys that make the rolex in Kampala and Mukono are quite mean people. Mean actually doesn’t cut it, they are misers when it comes to putting tomatoes on your rolex.

In Arua, just around Vimba 256 Club, I met this young boy with scanty English but he could get what I was saying at least. When he saw me coming towards him, he smiled, greeted me and asked what I wanted. Trust me in Arua, I don’t look like a person from Kampala, I have that un-rare shade of black- I know.

After properly preparing the rolex, I said to him that I needed enough tomatoes on my rolex. “In fact let me put for you whole tomato,” he said before I handed him Ugx 2,000 for his services and as I stood there trying to munch this delicious tomato filled rolex, he offered me a sit and an extra polythene saying, “customer care is my job, please sit here.”

His name is Josh, he is in secondary school although he declined telling me which class he was actually in. He has a girlfriend that he loves quite much, and his job, his job is what gives him purpose. He always smiles while serving his customers and he tries not to force a conversation. Like an Army man, he only talks when he is asked. Thank you Josh!


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