My demons

Hiding in the depths of the darkness, waiting for when I shut my two light tunnels and fall into a slight slumber. Gazing, with eyes so magical yet evil, singing the lullaby that gets me to sleep. Light voices, from big monsters- a case of the beauty and the beast.

My two little voices conflict, a mental fight that I like, sometimes. But I have to make a decision, to let them out or keep them in their cage, oh my demons, the beast still grows from within.

My imagination, as large as a country, rushes about. Mental images of the things I would like to do, good or bad. It’s like a movie that never got to production. Thoughts crash, goosebumps rush up my skin, my heart wails- louder. My demons want to get out.

They take my pain away, like slaves. We are one, but I have to lock them away lest, I become my demons.

‘The higher I get

the lower I sink

I can’t drown my demons

they know how to swim’


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