Your support system

Like anything that functions quite properly, we also each have a support system that we rely on to do the things that we do the way that we do them. I am just not talking about the digestive or respiratory system. In fact, I am not talking about those systems that your Science of Biology teacher so much emphasized.

The kind of support system I am talking about is probably the kind that you despise, or don’t think as one- Humans. Yes.

Everyone has a team of humans that has got their back, that will do anything to see them match with the parade of success and it all begins with family, then the friends that later become family, and it steadily goes on growing, like a tree or a fertile branch.

This kind of support system is the root, because without these compassionate, patient, resilient people, we probably wouldn’t be where we are now- We probably wouldn’t have gained much with our worthless lives.

From childhood to maturity, we see how our support system always stands by us, as children and unless a segment of the support system withers, even in maturity they stand by us. When you get fired from your position who do you run too?- Your mum, dad, fiancee, or a couple of friends who will offer you a shoulder to lean on or a percentage of your bills.

When you get a promotion, who do you run too, your digestive system? No, you run to your family and friends after which you will celebrate with a feast or a party and that’s when your digestive system will get a taste of whatever you are celebrating.

Don’t get me wrong, your digestive, reproductive, respiratory system is not less important than the people in your life. In fact they take the same measure of importance if you ask me but, it’s utterly wrong to disregard the people in your life who can take a bullet for you just because your respiratory system is working quite fine. If it failed, which can happen any second, the people you so much despised or disregarded will be the same people you call by your death bed to hold hands in prayer- don’t disregard them, celebrate them.


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