One arrow is plenty, if you use it well

Many times, we spend too much time trying to shoot many targets using one arrow- this is impossible in very many cases because of the many obstacles that might stand in the way of the target (s). Concentrating on many things at a time is most times not only a hindrance but also a distraction. Men who lived before me always said “You cannot serve two masters at the same time,” they were somewhat right.

When you get all your resources and you distribute them evenly or unevenly over a specified period of time, you’ll notice that not every project of piece of work that you anticipated or expected to accomplish will be accomplished- equal distribution of resources isn’t division of labor but the absence of it.

We often fail to accomplish the things we want to accomplish because we focus on too many things at a time but when you divide your tasks concentrating on one task at a time, a lot more than what was expected can be accomplished.

Well as many people respect and abide by multitasking all day, all week, all year, multitasking doesn’t guarantee the best results for all work done. To produce excellent work and results, it’s important to give every task equal time, and equal effort- One arrow is plenty, if you use it well.


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