Relationship advise from a guy that hasn’t enjoyed any

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The sex and love life of people at campus is slowly deteriorating as students are now more of sex pests than they are lovers. Love is a hard thing to come by. Here’s a little advice- don’t waste good love.

1. Give your lover time

Even through the busy campus schedule, always try to create an hour or two for your lover and do things that are memorable as opposed to texting someone next door. Get into it, get active, get that relationship on a roll.

2. Be honest

In a relationship, trust is a recipe that shouldn’t be ignored. Most relationships go down the drain because they are built on lies, and dishonesty. Be true to your lover and be honest, it’s probably the only thing you’ll love about your relationship.

3. Be open to learn and try out new things

Most relationships have failed because of poor sex or fake, stale sex as many prefer to refer to it as. Go out and learn new things about sex- every one loves a twist in the normal. The usual missionary is not the only sex style there is, and, always note that making love doesn’t always necessitate going into her panties.

4. Take your love and other issues off the Internet

Instagram, Facebook, twitter great place to NOT put your love and other issues. Chances are high your followers don’t give a fuck, chances are more high that half the people who follow you want to see you go down the drain. Don’t be the coward that presses the publish button.

5. Listen to no one

You took the step to try out a relationship, no one helped you to make this rather sad decision so why are you listening to any one as regards to relationship advice you don’t need it. The best way to run your relationship is to listen to no one, not even me.



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