She held me up

Hard times rushed in panicking, crowding the little space left by a recent heart break and helping me shed off weight that had accumulated over time. Love had always been around but i had shut one eye and the open eye focused on those that would later hurt me. She stood by, me disguised as a friend and yet she was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I pretended never to notice her efforts, I zoned her and threw the keys away- yet at night I am the one she dreamt of and the one she cried and prayed to have. She was not meant to last forever but only until her efforts are complemented or continously ignored- she held on, even after many came after her, she knew I was the one, that one.

I was foolish just as she was, foolishly held in constant unprophesied love- but we were never letting go of this bond that stoode the test of time!



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