Is it just a dream?

It woke me- the rain, as it heavily pounded against the window pane. Cold wind rushed through the ventilators and all I could do was grab my pillow for a warmth cuddle. The blanket seemed thin, like it had turned into a sheet overnight- the darkness in my room was lurking like a demon from the underworld. Strikes of lightning lit my room and everything stood still in its shadow. I had just crawled out of a nightmare, one that involved every scene before me in this very room- the red walls felt like blood, my bed was soaked. I kept my eyes together, my breath in check, my mind occupied, and my pillow engaged.

My brain wondered, just like it often takes a stroll along the streets of my mind, heart, soul and hidden bunker- I was lonely. Reviving memories of the ones I loved, the ones that betrayed me and the ones that left me for dead. I could no longer hear the rain argue with the window pane all I could hear was my heart beat against what was, what died, and what is- a broken soul.




4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jordana Atim says:

    it feels more like a battle within… rather than a dream. Nice piece.

    1. Thank You Jordana. A battle within?? 😨😨 Damn, seen from 3000 ft above.

  2. Angela says:

    I hope that heartbeat drummed the sounds of a content heart, one at peace with itself and it’s owner.

    1. The heart is content even in regret. The soul is at peace and the owner is a wanderer in life.

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