A Tale Of ‘Tokosa’

The early morning rain got me at church, now I don’t know whether it was raining because I had gone to church or because the legendary Tokosa festival was back, but that’s a tale for another day. I was ready in my deep blue shoes that can take any amount of mud thrown at it so, I braved the rain and decided to go back to bed, yes, sometimes bed is better than food. I woke up 45 minutes later to the breathing and basking Kampala sun, my almost bald head… (A Bad Hair Day) couldn’t handle the rays but I had to make it to the Tokosa Food Festival grounds at Legends.

The first thing my eyes landed on was lemonade, I am the kind of guy that would take anything with Lemonade, trust me. Then I saw the lady holding the lemonade and I instantly already wanted to partake of this drink packaged in a green simple to hold bottle, Club Twist.


The food was all appealing, mouth-watering, and appetizing, the rolexes by the guys from Nemoz were delectable and still, the bottle of Club Twist was cold. Talk about having a twist in life, a twist as you devour something awesome or as you listen to the Janzi band or better yet as you watch celebrities completely failing to cook, also that twist saved a friend of mine from chocking on meat.

The Zumba Dance…

Then there was the Zumba Dance, words alone can NOT explain the flexibility, beauty, aggressiveness and shakiness of the ladies that graced the stage last evening, When I close my eyes, I still get a flash of the ladies dancing, epic.

I also can not fail to stress the point that even the smallest of deeds can save a life or put a smile on someone’s face, anyone… So I purchased a sticker, to save a child from cancer after skipping happy hour, #10KForCancer. Otherwise, it was a lovely day to ‘Tokosa’.


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