A Bad Hair Day!

We often hear this from the ladies when they put on a gloomy dull face at a crazily entertaining dinner, it’s actually one of those excuses they will give their carefree boss when they miss a day without turning up at office, it’s always a case of a bad hair day.She spends 200k at the salon and after 3 days, she will start complaining of a bad hair day after which she will change the hair and that won’t last too.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this doesn’t only happen to the ladies, the men are not totally excluded in this. It happens only that in the case of men, it’s much more painful and when a guy complains of a bad hair day, then some kadogo really made a mess of his hair.

It’s been 2 weeks since the guy that trimmed my hair for the past 9 years went AWOL, due to the always changing levels of my hair, I started looking for a new salon, a new barber, a guy that could do it just as I wanted it to be done. I have this habit of falling back in that salon chair and I take a nap as my barber does his thing, because I trust him.

So yesterday I tried out a new salon in Ntinda, the barber was very receptive and the salon was very exotic, I loved it, but my instincts growled and my curiosity put me in a position of no return. He was a short bald headed old man call him ‘kadogo’, he spoke fluent English that my instincts almost changed sides and he knew exactly what I wanted.

When he started on me, I noticed something wasn’t right, kadogo was an amature at this but by then, he had already turned some parts of my head, bald. I quaked, I shivered, anger levels rose and my blood boiled even as I told him to leave my sight as I summoned another youthful guy to come fix me.


My life hasn’t been the same again, you know a guy’s hair is his treasure, as an African, my hair is actually more than a treasure, it’s my identity too and I love my hair or I used too, since it’s no more. I shall not forget ‘Kadogo’ I shall not step into that salon again. Bad Hair days actually do exist…




  1. I am a guy…. and to a great extent my hair defines me… but that’s because I have locks… and no I am not Rastafarian but I see how people like calling me rasta and being one love passing me blunts but that’s another story…

    you fall asleep in your barber’s chair and let him have your way with you? ha! and you surprised you have a bad hair did you at least get a free beverage in compensation for your pain and suffering…..


    yes I get bad hair days too

      • locks rock….. ☻☻☻
        what else could i say..
        but after 3 years with the same barber you dont even need to describe what you want done…. have you any idea how hard it is to describe the haircut you want, you end up just pointing at the Ludacris poster and say make me look like that, and thats not even what they do ha! thats why I am now allergic to barbers

      • 😂😂😂😂 allergic you say, but some barbers are just too good, you can’t deny that…
        For now, I shall take this close to bald look until my hair gets back to normal height… hehehe

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