What Say You? #1

I shall never forget Boney’s for many reasons fun related but also because this is where I first ever watched a movie before 7 o’clock, at home, mzee only allowed us to watch TV from 7pm-9pm after which she would chase us to bed. I don’t remember anything like bed time songs/stories, the dark was my companion until my mind took me to another realm, dream Land.

Boney was a tiny little man on the village where I grew up but he had the best local cinema around and people always flocked it making lines and booking before hand. Back in the day, very few people had TVs so the only option was to flock Boney’s for football and movies. There was just one rule, the cinema was out of bounds for people below 18 and I was only 11 but I was determined to watch ‘the Matrix’ because I had heard one of my uncles talk about it.

I had to sneak in, grab a sit and shut the hell up because the penalty for sneaking into Boney’s wasn’t just being thrown out but it involved being publicly punished, no one wanted that, it made the girls scarce and other families would regard you as a spoiled brat and mzee would really be disappointed in me, being the first grandchild.

I was somewhat a coward, but I braved the situation because I was with Jack and my little brother whose example, I was. We were just little boys who wanted to watch the Matrix, nothing more, so we sneaked in, grabbed our sits on the floor and we acted invincible.

Back in the Day, Cinema was like a tea party or a bonfire place, everyone in the village would meet their friends at the cinema, some fell in love seated in Boney’s best sit at the back of the Cinema, others broke up just after a movie, drunkards frequented the cheap cinema and many memories were made there, the cinema was a meeting place for the mature. As for the young, it was a learning place that emphasized that there are programs on TV that we were not supposed to watch, this explained why Mzee only accepted us to watch the news and Drake Sekebba’s ‘Vumbula’.

Times have changed, the young have evolved, the modern day 11 year old fella knows thrice what I knew when I was 11, kids are accepted to watch whatever they want on TV, even the maids can’t control them, to many others, TV is there daily meal, and truth be told they have learnt a lot from TV, Is this a good thing or a bad thing?



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  1. It’s more good than bad(never mind my grammar hihi) I know someone who doesn’t have TV at their home because the parents didn’t want him getting spoilt, boy isn’t he boring! Okay, apart from that he really is boring. Okay bye hihi

    1. šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ boring, I really get what that is like… but then again don’t you think the young should be controlled when watching TV, Nigerian movies and Telemundo are great for purposes of learning but they also brain wash a child of his culture…
      What do you think, Ms?

      1. Ah, well I’ve seen something like parental controls on the menu. Those can work. Brain wash? I would say that depends on the availability of parents. I learned to watch Discovery Channel because of my mum.

      2. Most parents only see their kids one a week, on Sundays… work over family… Most maids no nothing of parental control.
        Parents are more liberal and defensive today… doesn’t that change everything?

      3. Probably. Probably not. You see, the thing with this is that it can either affect positively or negatively. There are kids whose creativity and imagination is stirred by TV and then there are those who just become couch potatoes. I don’t know the correlation though hehe pray for your kid(s) if you plan to have any that is.

  2. vhuvu says:

    Bad. Just as they watch more than we did and they learn more at a faster rate the world is evolving at the same pace too. So that means they know more evil as much as good at the same time. Which is bad. I was watching tv and my 3 year old nephew sat down and I watched him look in wonder at the movie I was watching. He was amazing at the scenes and guns and I was like noooo young man cartoons for the both of us. But that’s the idea. It’s bad.

    1. I agree with you… what should be the limit though, what line shouldn’t be crossed??

      1. vhuvu says:

        Let kids watch kids stuff. Period. It’s true maids don’t control what kids watch these days.as if they care what kids watch. But I make sure the kids at home watch particular channels. The right ones. You have to be strict I think. As parents we are never home to monitor this so block everything. In my time we used to play omg. Games in the dirt. Now it’s different

      2. Yes yes, thise games built bonds that aren’t easily broken, sharpened our brains… I loved thise games, active leisure as opposed to passive leisure.

      3. vhuvu says:

        Exactly. So really unless you are a stay at home parent you have to pray your kids watch the right stuff

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