The Feel Of Love.


Tom Hall, said that If you love her that much, you will follow her wherever she goes, listening to his song ‘That’s how I got to Memphis’ a song I first encountered in the series ‘The Newsroom’, my thoughts went on a rampage. Should I go after her, wouldn’t she call me the clingy type or rather a serial stalker?


I was only a little boy in love, in my dreams, flowers bloomed when we touched and the sun smiled when we kissed, time stood still when she was in my arms and to me this kind of old school loving was all I needed. We would go by the hill in the evenings just to watch the sun set and vows we made that like the sun sets, our love shall never go over the hill.


She was a little yellow girl with dark shiny hair that flowed over her shoulders in heavenly magnificence, black eyes like a raven’s and teeth as white as snow. Her breasts were just forming but our love had fully matured. If it were a mango, it was ripe enough.

She smelt of the scent of lavender and roses mixed together, she walked like a glorious angel, her laugh and voice could almost cause cardiac arrest.


Her dad had warned mine that I looked like a hyena preying on her daughter but dad knew me as the good shy boy that mum had given birth too, to him, change only came after the 20’s and I was short after 16, but she was much older.

We were secret lovers, hiding behind the friendship clone, we kissed when we could, we hugged every time, we lay together facing the stars a few times, we talked of running away from home, she told me all her secrets and I told her half of mine, we were destined to be.


Then, she just walked out of my life, just like that. This was one decision I totally had no control over,  I spent sleepless nights crying and having that solo pillow talk(Yes, boys Cry too), I shunned the sun set and the sun rise, I lost weight because I could eat no more. My heart was running dry of blood to supply because of the many wounds she had left, my soul turned cold and my thoughts couldn’t rescue me.


Bitter sweet memories flowed back with such pressure that every time I slept, she crowned my dreams but in all of them, she didn’t say goodbye. She cut all ties and I think the hyena in me arose, I switched off my humanity, she took my heart with her and I have been following her though she has never seen me, seeing her gives me hope but the fact that she moved on before me haunts me so deeply, is this what love feels like?






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