The Issue Of Emergency Contraceptives.

On Wednesday, Reproductive Health Uganda(RHU) visited Makerere University and Mitchell Hall to be specific to teach and create awareness about the availability, proper use, and benefits of using emergency contraceptives.

Students being taught how to use Ecs(Emergency Contraceptives).

For many years now, Emergency Contraceptives(ECs) have been regarded as a second chance for couples/people who engage in unprotected sex which might later bring about an unwanted pregnancy or abortions that have become a major problem in Uganda due to their illegality.

University students are sexually active youths but unfortunately, most of them don’t know about Emergency Contraceptives, hence in event of the condom breaking or in event of unprotected sex, termination of pregnancy is the first thought with disregard of the fact that Emergency contraceptives can prevent conceiving up to 5 days.

Students were also taught about various contraceptives, how they are used and what to look for in case they are to be used. The myths and misconceptions surrounding the use of Emergency contraceptives were also laid to rest. Most students thought that ECs cause barrenness and cancer but this was demystified and many students mostly males were given free emergency contraceptives.

Photo by Reproductive Health Uganda.

Earlier that day, students were offered free HIV testing, Cancer screening and Free Counselling. “I am really glad that services as such are still available in Uganda today. I was able to test for HIV and I am taking to hostel free emergency contraceptives.”- Joshua a student of Social Sciences at Makerere.

The conversation was also taken online under the TT #Not2Late2 as a way of empowering and providing information to all students and youth in Uganda. Only 2 out of every 5 Youths at University know about Emergency contraceptives and only 1% out of those know how to correctly use Emergency Contraceptives.


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