Unbreak My Heart!

Dear Shawn,

Many months have gone by and there is little regard for life on my side. I am forever a mess and an incomplete piece without you, needless to say, I miss you.

I know that I judged you to quick and left you without thinking twice like a premature orgasm. I think I regret that now, I want to say sorry, I want you to hold me again, I miss the cozy crazy look into my eyes and I miss the electrifying touch of your warm hands.

I have failed to love again because it’s only you that I crave for. This intense craving is not like that of icecream or sleep, it’s that of something I lost and have meager hope of recovering, you.

When I sleep at night, only your face I see, you are my addiction but unlike cigarretes, I can’t order for you over the counter.
It gets worse sometimes, when I wake at 3am screaming your name hoping that you are close but into reality I drift.

I want you back but I know too well that I can’t have you back. Poetry is now my only companion, you dominate all my dreams with your lovely self and the only place I can be with you is when I sleep.

I just hope this can make you change your mind anyways. I will just be here watching our 3rd anniversary videos and missing you every moment.

I love you,



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