I was at the bar and she appeared out of no where, a Nigerian would think she was a ghost. After a few drinks and a few greetings, she assumed she knew all she had to know to mess me up.

She was a beauty from another land, dressed in an expensive beautifully printed frock that clung to her body revealing not only skin but a curvy body that Wesley Pipes wouldn’t let go. Wide hipped, wide-mouthed with cooly confident eyes and a laugh that was mostly sensual with a tone of eager beauty packed forcefully into something lovable.

Now, my mind being my mind had already formed drifted thoughts.~ I pictured my self touching silky naked skin, one hand on her shoulder pressing her body gently. Silken electricity all through as I kiss her warm red lips deeply, and in acceptance she locks her satiny legs around my hips, smiling and saying, ‘I will never let you go.’

So, I asked her to the movies and to dinner.

She came to me, a random bar girl, but now I wanted her all to myself, I wanted her in my bed, in my small apartment, in my life and I thought she wanted me too.

After the movie and during dinner, she said to me ” I just want us to be friends, nothing more.” (Friend zoned) But I knew she had no one else so, I let it be, accepted friendship and coiled back in my corner of perverted fantasy.

She was a friend that wanted more than friendship, she made it clear that she wanted to be my friend but she wanted me to text no other girl past midnight, she crowded my every program and never accepted me to have another.
She wanted more than a mere friend would ask for and whenever I came in too hot, she withdrew herself into denial.


Now I am wondering, what did she really want from? If she shared her romantic fantasies with me but couldn’t let me turn fantasy into reality, what did she want from me.

She managed to break my soul, and keep it captive in her own den of desires, she even asked for a gift on valentine’s but she denied me that one thing I so much wanted, her.

What did she really want?



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