I Also Want To Be Loved.


I am only a man like many others but, I wish to be loved. I want to wake up in morning cold for a warm cuddle from my better half and I also want to feel her skin on mine without being worried of being left.

I want to endlessly look into those big black eyes and watch your dreams come to life like a flower blooming in the summer. I long for thoughts of you and memories of us that this crave is like fire on skin.

I want your hands to get lost in my palms.
Sometimes, I miss the fact that there is no one to say goodnight to, no one to call at 3am just to let her know that I was dreaming of her, there is just no one, I am a loner.

Random dreams suddenly turned into a total bore, nightmares became the queen of most nights but only because there is nothing more to dream of, I want to be a dreamer as much as I am a hopeless romantic. I want to dream of you every single day and never get bored of ever dreaming.

I can not say that I know true love, she has forsaken me for quite a while and I can not even remember how to love. I always dream of waking up next to your naked sweating curvy body after a night of enormous exercising.

All I see are my friends being taken one at a time as I gaze and force a smile, sometimes a laugh that’s full of saddistic annoyance and a sense of great failure. I also want to be loved.

Am I asking for much?



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