The Little Brother: Daga.

Although many friends get into the family circle, at least by name, I only have one blood brother. He goes by the mame Daga, and just like a dagger, he is a sharp fella, an adonis of sorts with a slight stutter in his voice and an amazing charm that many ladies often fall for.

Our parents only gave birth to 2 boys. Daga has always  been my inspiration, the guy that makes me work had. One of the reasons as to why I wake at 5am every single day, hustle to be the guy he can look up to, because I am not only a father figure to him, but also before father went into deep slumber, he reminded me of my responsibility.

I am proud of my little brother, see, I am no father but this young man challenges me every single day. Sometimes, he surprises me by doing things I never thought he would do. He is not my reason for living but he is my reason for striving on, for never giving up.

I love you dear brother, and thank you, for being that force that always encourages me to get back up whenever I fall. Our ideologies mighy differ but one thing never will, brotherhood. Thank you Daga:)


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