A swirl of Fantasies.


Today, I woke up in a smoky mood, I know not why but I think you being far away from me is having a toll on my thoughts and creating great fantasies that any Holywood producer would fight to make into a fairy tale.
So today all I want is to tell you about these  fantasies that are eating up my brain, piece by piece.

Of late, I wake up not only because dreaming of you is all that I need but also because in your absence, I am so very powerless. I crave for that morning touch like a baby craves for breast milk.
Your voice on phone sounds a little robotic and I also miss that blossom of a blush, the distinctive dimples that send punches down my gut, I miss all that.

My place is now as silent as a grave yard. I never thought I would be saying this but, I miss the noise, your noise.
I bet the couch misses you too princess, but not as much as I miss the mid-movie cuddling and the pillow fights, the dance battles that never end.

The cold is too much, but I promised not to sound poetic in my letters, because you prefer I recite as opposed to writing. I miss you my dear audience, and there is  a poem on my lips, fighting to be set free.



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