Thinking Of You.

Hey darling,

Remember last week when we went window shopping at the mall? There was that one awesome red dress that you loved, yeah the one with a lining of diamonds and a slit so vivid. I got it for you, just waiting for when you will come by on the day of love, luckily, it fits quite perfectly.

I wrote today just to let you know that my soul has been held hostage by you, my heart is nolonger mine and so are my decisions.
You, my lady are so very beautiful. To call you a queen or a princess would be an understatement for you are surely an effect of more than one angel.

Yesterday as I passed by the book store on my way to the movies, I saw a lady that had hair as black and long as yours. For a moment, I froze in time and memories of me playing in your hair on those cold mornings flashed in mind. For a while all I did was let off a slight giggle and that smile that I keep only for you.

See, I miss you so much, I miss that loving touch and the soothing voice. Ohhh, and those sharp eyes of innocence. I guess I will just have to wait for when you will get back on 12th, sounds like a million years. I am quite a mess without you, be back real soon.❤

In love,



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