Boarding School.

I joined boarding school for my nursery, I was 4 years old and my little brother was 3. We were the only fellas below 7 years in boarding school and I remember vividly the motto of my school, ‘Education Has No Money Value.’ I didn’t know what it meant then, to me it was just a motto and every school had one.

Most times when I tell people that I joined boarding school when I was only 4, they often tend to judge my parents and guardians claiming they never had time for me but on the contrary, for the first year in boarding school, granny visited us every single day. Then, there was no other way of expressing her love for us and how much she missed the noise at home, the brotherly fights and the sound of broken glass or melamine.

Boarding school built me, moulded me, and challenged me. Every single day was a lesson learnt, a friend made and a challenge accomplished.
I spent most of my youthful days in boarding school, nursery through to Primary and then to secondary. Approximately I spent 5 months at home and 7 in boarding school.

Patience, socialising, courage, survival, hustling, holding on, focus, life lessons, loyalty, honesty, leadership, discipline, Religion, volunteering, time keeping, debating, all this, I learnt from boarding school, not from class and not from text books or novels.

I don’t know how to say thank you to boarding school, but I am the kind that never forgets his roots, or where I have been.

I see many parents saying boarding school is not good for a kid, allow me to disagree, thing is that, boarding school is like prison. It’s enclosed, and everything controlled, there is a time for everything, this means less time for the irrelevant things like Television, play station, and more time to necessities like education, sports, music, religion, punishment, socialising and whatnot.

Many of these things a child can not learn from home, there are things a child can only learn from his peers.
So yes, boarding school is like a prison, boarding school is good, I say thank you to boarding school and my kids might have to get a feel of boarding school, it’s like a necessary evil.



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