Hey you:)

Hey you,

Today as I got out of bed, I was wondering if you would go with me flower hunting, see am looking for the best flower to give to the lady of my life and I can’t quite come to a conclusion.

Should it be a rose, a lily or something more fancy and unheard of? I want a flower whose petals don’t only represent how fragile her heart is but also a flower with beautiful petals and a scent so adorable it would make her glow, I am talking about the one that I chose, that one who makes my heart beat in a rhythm of a  syncronised love song sang by both Elton and Adele.

A rose for each day starting on the 7th, each day representing a memory, each day filled with endless melodies and blushing to feel a room, each flower symbolising how deep I love you, it matter that I would still love you even if you were 7 feet under, 7 flowers for my ending love.

These flowers will be for you. Don’t blush yet, more is to come.

Yours in love…
Shawn Davis


13 Comments Add yours

  1. Massie says:

    Oba you get her Orchids …now those are lovely. #justsaying

    1. Hahah, suggestion appreciated.. Orchids taken😊

  2. Joel Jemba says:

    Shawn, It is lit you guy, I repeat it is lit!

    1. 😂😂😂😂the bar was set quite high though..

      1. Joel Jemba says:

        hahahaha, I know. . . But I also know you can do this, I believe you can #KoiKoiInspiration *winks

      2. Indeed #koikoiInspirstion… the best is yet to comd

      3. Joel Jemba says:

        Shoot whenever you are ready.

  3. Amazing ish here. Next week the pace is mine

    1. Hopefully ☺ hehe… Next week will be sorted next week…
      Thank you Pius.

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