The 2 Gentlemen.

He couldn’t speak and neither could he hear, but he was the go to person at home, the muscle, the uncle, the one that we were left with when we were kids, his name is Kisitu.

When we were kids, mama and granny  loved us so much, but they also had to look for money and make ends meet. We ended up being left with dear Kisitu, a hardworking gentleman with a heavily built chest, sharp eyes and an adorable smile, but remember he could neither talk nor hear so we had to learn sign language as early as possible.

We (little bro & I) had advanced in age but we were still little boys so we left school quite as early as 11am and Kisitu would pick us from school on his bicycle. School was just 15 meters from home and we loved the short bicycle ride every afternoon.

We had to quit crying when we wanted something, tantrums were also no good. I remember when my little brother threw a tantrum after Kisitu had switched off the black and white screen box. Kisitu thought that little brother was just playing some random game and he too joined in tickling and carrying the little brother to greater heights.
That’s when we knew that tantrums only worked when with gramps, granny and mama. If you wanted tea, food, a fruit or something, you had to kindly and slowly express it in the language that Kisitu understood.

I rarely talk about gramps, but he calls me brother. He never let’s me touch his hands as a way of greeting, he wants to feel my heart, he wants to be hugged and to hug and this I have grown to like. Even as old as I am, he still asks for that hug, it makes me feel foolish at times but also it makes me feel loved, understood, wanted.

Now, gramps is a strong gentleman, an adonis of sorts with a charm that he must have genetically transfered to me.
Gramps is the one kind of man that has stood by me through it all, he has advised me alot, pushed me forward when I wasn’t ready ro let go of the rope and all he asks for in return is his little hug.

Kisitu, I don’t know how to say thank you, perhaps a gift can come in handy, but then what gift? I will forever be grateful to you for the love, the gardening lessons, the lessons on patience and not throwing tantrums, by the way, I also learnt how to read newspapers from you, thank you.

Gramps, I rarely call to say hello. But on Father’s day, I never forget to call although that doesn’t count too much. You are getting older by the day, but you remain my grand daddy. You always preach calmness, gentility, and love to my soul… Thank you very much, I will give you a call today, and I will hug you everyday I het to see you.



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