Where Is Our Self Esteem?

Yesterday as I was leaving Kisementi, I got into a random taxi because I was angry, I had waited for someone for over 2 hours and I couldn’t take it any longer as this person refused to even take my calls.
At the back of the taxi, there sat a man about 7ft 15′ clad in a black suit with a voice like thunder loud and clear.

As the taxi sped off towards the Capital city, the guy in the back sit asked someone to pray for the journey. “Can anyone pray for our short journey” he said amidst the silence that had married the vicinity of the taxi.

He then introduced himself as Pastor Alex and he kept on asking someone/anyone to pray for the journey to seek God’s mercy until the conductor told him to make the prayer.

Here is the thing, I attended Catholic schools mostly, I was even an alter server (the guy that helps the priest up there) and I know many prayers. But everytime I felt like taljng on the prayer, something stopped me, a sudden fear filled my heart and I just couldn’t do it and no one in the taxi was brave enough to take that prayer.
Probably we all were afraid of being associated with a street preacher, or we feared that the old men at the front would laugh at as they did at the Pastor.

In life we are to afraid to associate ourselves with anything that we think will compromise our lifestyle. We say we are living yet we are simply keeping up appearance, and pleasing strangers.

But first let me pose the question;
Would you take the prayer in the taxi if asked to?



  1. To be honest, I wouldn’t say the prayer. I am a born and bred Anglican and prayer has been one thing you say silently so I would have not even dared!

  2. If i feel the conviction I would, easily do it. Actually I would have said the prayer if i was in that taxis. I find it so easy to pray about anything at anytime and anywhere.

    The question should be do people know how to pray?

  3. The problem with most people or let me say Christians is that we have a narrow understanding of what prayer is. Also, we have been “taught” to pray under controlled situations, at a preferred place or time. That’s why most times we remember to really pray about our issues when we are at church,, prayer meeting or fellowship of sorts, NEVER when we really are in that moment (facing that problem I mean)

    So, to answer your question, I probably would. After giving the idea of praying-in-a-taxi-full-of-people much thought. *not proud of that tho*

  4. Thanks for sharing this, some things seem small, like they do not matter but say volumes about who we are, and to me that’s scary. I know my circumstances may be different than yours as you sat in that taxi heading home, but you still did care about what those total strangers would think if you made the prayer, hence being associated with a street preacher, in a country that is majorly christian… Really. I go to college in the States and more often I find myself compromising my identity for complete strangers, just so my image before them is not tarnished… But if I am to ask myself now, what does it matter, really? If I say that this is who I am, then why don’t I just ball up and stand up for that image? I am sorry for going on and on, I came across your blog on twitter and came to check it out, thanks for the thought provoking pieces you share with the world.

    • Hey Nalwanga, thank you so much for feed back….
      Well, I am also getting out of my skin, my comfort zone. We worry too much, we never move forward… Praying infront of strangers might be the least of examples but well, lesson learnt…
      Thank you once again… 😊😊

  5. Reblogged this on edokucm and commented:
    Where Is Our Self Esteem? @DavisKawalya this has happened to me before, not once, not twice but multiple times, even in class at times i have an answer but i’m scared to raise it up, that inner thing tells me to shut!

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