Mabirizi Is a Role Model.

I laughed at whatever Mabirizi said that night of 15th, my little sisters where all laughing at Mabirizi, and he wasn’t spared by the internet because we all did laugh, memes created and to many, the word Mabirizi became synonymous with time wasting. I’m not talking about the elite alone.

Yesterday my boda guy asked me if I had listened to Mabirizi, he was laughing too hard that he even stopped just to clear the tears lingering in his eyes. My boda guy said that Mabirizi is just a joker.
I bet the tomato seller thinks the same and so does the truck driver and everyone that thinks he/she has a light sense of humour.

Mabirizi is a role model, he makes you look at all the things you let go because you feared that you would be laughed at and regret feels your heart.
He might not have the best English and he might not be the best candidate and trust me, he knows it but that didn’t stop him.

He stepped out of his comfort zone and did what he wanted to do with little regard of what everyone will say or do.
Dude even attended that debate, I bet he knew he was going to get battered but he went anyway.

If everyone had the attitude that Mabirizi has, the fuel that propels him to do things regardless of what people will say, then the world we be a better place with diminishing rates of regret. Mabirizi is a role model, and his is a story I will tell my little ones many years from today.



  1. This post is going to make a lot of people wastep time trying to attain the unachievable…
    Just like Mabilizi..
    One needs to be realistic in life
    Come on…

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