New Year Resolutions, a Twist.

When I was young, I never indulged in the habit of making new year resolutions and well, I accomplished a lot even more than ‘mzee’ had expected. When I grew up, I got ruined by peers and education. Having a new year’s resolution became a must have like panties.

I had to wake up quite early on the morning of 31st to scribble into my little black book things that I expect to accomplish by the end of the new year, irrespective of whether I am true to self or not. Having new year resolutions turned into a mini-habit that most of what I put into that small tiny black book was never accomplished.

The word bureaucracy still gives me hard time, I still can’t afford to wake up before 6am on Saturdays and these are just some of the things that have surfaced on my New year resolution list since 2010.

So, this year, I have decided not to have a list because I clearly don’t want to live by a list. I will stick to having my weekly program noted every Sunday afternoon under the basking Kampala sun. I will live like I did many years ago, living each day as plainly as it comes and enjoying every moment not worrying about the bungee jumping that I had to accomplish a few weeks ago or the waking up before 6am on a Cold Saturday morning.

This year, I will have only a bucket list nothing more. Maybe you should do the same, don’t waste time coming up with a list because Maria or Jude did. Don’t even do it because dad said it’s a necessity, even the Priest might have advised that you do but well, it’s all about you. As for me, I have taken self back to the stone age, living life as it comes and don’t say that I fear commitment because the choice not to have a resolution list is commitment enough.




  1. This sounds just like me, I since dropped the list because I realised it was stealing my joy. Thank you for the eye opening post 🙂

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