It Doesn’t Matter.

It wasn’t the same after he left his teens, he cared about how he dressed, how he walked and how he talked. His life was nolonger his life, he disregarded everything that life taught him in his teens and he went on the path of “I’m being watched”.

Life can never be the same again if you keep worrying about what people will say, or what people will think. People will always be people, people will always be judgemental and they will always judge you, rumours will always fly around and some will fall in your ears.

But hey, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter what some random chap on instagram will think if he sees one picture, just one picture that didn’t go through the filters, it doesn’t matter what people will think when you talk to your ex, it just doesn’t matter.

Just live life, regardless of what people think or say, it’s your life to live and not theirs. You can’t live on the rules of a handbook authored and edited by man. Even the Bible doesn’t dictate how you must live your life.
You have no one to blame for any shortcomings in your life, you have no one to answer to regarding your life and it definitely doesn’t matter what people do or say or think about you.



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