I Simply Watched and did Nothing.

By. Mauryn, mauryn143.blogspot.com

Years ago I watched as a person very close to my heart/life was humiliated and rejected by almost everyone just because she had AIDS. Her own mother treated her like a leper…her children were told to keep away from her because she would infect them. How? Nobody could answer that then. She was found by the roadside near dead and eventually did pass on surrounded by strangers.

Years have gone by and I have worked on forgiving myself for walking away from her when she needed someone. I have tried to convince myself that I was only ten years old and didn’t know better but that makes it even worse because I knew better than that.

It is World AIDS day today, do you know your sero status? Do you think an HIV positive person should not be allowed to share a table with you at the office cafeteria? Do you cross the road when a friend who declared their ‪#‎HIVstatus‬ is coming your way?

Are you practising safe sex? Is your unborn Baby safe?
Whatever you do, share some love.
Know your HIV status and stay safe as you keep others safe.
Together we can have an ‪#‎HIV‬ free generation.
It begins with you and I.

Ps. A post from a good friend of mine, Mauryn, best mum I know. More of her can be got here mauryn143.blogspot.com


  1. This is sad; a lot of people were stigmatised when the disease was still new and people didn’t know about it. I lost aunts and uncles to this disease when I was growing up. A whole family was wiped out. What I did learn was that people are scared of things that they do not understand. The more knowledge someone has concerning something, the more open minded they are.

    You asked about practicing safe sex, yes, I try to ALWAYS do so and I get my annual medicals and get tested for HIV/Aids twice a year. I believe it’s better safe than sorry.
    I am also going to be studying a Diploma on the disease soon just to beef up my knowledge and will let you know how that goes.

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