Adolescent Health In Uganda.

The number of youth in Uganda is on an all time high and that means that the number of adolescents is also high. It worries every one because many of these adolescents are not getting the health care and health information that they need to safely shift into adulthood without attaining life threatening diseases like HIV/AIDs and Cancer.

This is probably due to the fact that the youth are greatly excluded from decisions that concern them especially those in relation to health and sexual health to be precise. information is scarce hence teenage pregnancies are on a rise and so are school dropouts, un-safe abortions are on a rise and so are teenage pregnancies. The number of youth contracting HIV/AIDs is overwhelming and those attaining cancer is also worrying. We are not only talking about Lung cancer caused by tobacco but also cervical cancer in girls who engage in sex as early as the age of 16.

Many organisations in Uganda like Reproductive Health Uganda, Reach A Hand Uganda among others have come out to push #YouthFriendlyServices forward with the aim of making sure that youths are engaged and part of the decisions that matter to them, information about health is widely known to them and also to provide youth spaces at health centres and hospitals in Uganda in a bid to reduce on Sexual Health and Health ignorance.


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