Thoughts about True Love!

I was once like you, I didn’t believe in true love not because mum didn’t love me but because my heart was shattered at a pretty early age, 16 to be precise. Ma’am often asked me why I was always with a different girl, she even went ahead to remind me that AIDs was real(but this, I knew). Little did she know that her son’s heart was sealed with Vaseline and when it got too hot, it would melt and the pieces would get scattered, that’s exactly what happened whenever I met a Joan hotter than Carol, I would lose it and be allover Carol and if a Janet came along, Carol would be long forgotten, people like me are no longer referred to as sharp but as fuck-boys. Luckily, that was before I left my teens.

When one hits the 20s, one’s parents become more serious when saying, “Where are the girls?” So a guy like me packaged his old evil ways into a brown old box sealed with wax and through it in the ceiling, the search was on, I was no looking for a girl who could make me happy, a girl that could mend the broken heart that has had many tailors, a lousy soul like mine. I wasn’t looking for the 3 weeks Carol of the 1 month Janet, I wanted more. Case in point, many of my friends where already enjoying 3 year relationships yet my longest was 6 months, sometimes I asked myself why but that why came with another why as to why I was asking why so I never really got an answer and so, I moved on. Honestly, I was on the brink of losing it all, the heck, I even had a 5 day relationship, Ohh what a mess.

Then one day, I remember it like it was yesterday.One day true love knocked on my door, dressed in gold and African-print with a smile that shone on those red lips and eyes, brown that kinda sparkled under camera light. I swear, I almost fell but instead I stumbled into her arms. She was the best thing that ever happened to me, I was happy and never thought of letting go, I went to the club and no other girl caught my eye, I was contented but she wasn’t perfect and I liked her imperfections, her giggle and her careless gaze that left my mind swirling and running in circles. I enjoyed every bit of it, the Wednesdays where the best, for reasons best known to me and the memories I made are now in that old waxed box that didn’t remain closed, I guess the wax melted and because of my carelessness, I lost her. She went with the wind and never returned, I had made her cry a couple of times and it was all my fault and I swear in those months that I enjoyed with her, I witnessed true love first hand.

So, let me tell you, true love doesn’t come with a beautiful face, a fancy dress and a unique perfume, true love comes in any way that it likes, she might be a lousy girl you always meet at the bar or that silent girl in your MBA class, it doesn’t matter but when it comes, you can not fail to notice it and when it comes, please don’t blow it. It’s one of those candles that will stand any winds or lack of oxygen but the day you blow it, it will slowly fade and never come back. Yes true love does exist, but I blew it and I don’t believe in second chances, so I will sit back here and let age play catch-up.

PS. This is a true life story!!!



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