Do you see?

Our cultures are on a low low
Bodies scroddled in different colors, tribes and cultures.
But we are now losing it,
We praise English yet we are forgetting our own languages.
We have sagging pants and tosticating tatoos
And we dress like Chris Adam models.
Hey, is the new greeting even with the elders,
We disregard the basics upon which our parents bore us,
We know nothing off our lineages,
The heck we dont even know our cousins,
Do you see that your cousin might be the girl you are secretly dating?

Do you wonder at the reason behind
Your mama’s constant pushing
We know nothing of our history
The heck can you even draw our boundaries
Chill, is the new chastiser for every criticism
We don’t care for opinions if they’re not our own
We have “bipolar personalities” and “crazy exes”
And we colour our hair every new month
We speak of vernacular as though
It’s not the language of our people
‘preciating multilingualism and globalisation
Yet we have nothing to show of our very own
Do you see that the cause you’re championing
Is only going to get you lost?

Mercy, gwe asinga… Webale nyo.
Looking forward to another day…
By the way, catch more of #Nkima on


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