Say No To Save Lives, Tobacco Kills…

It was a Friday and we converged at National Theatre one of the no smoking areas in Uganda, this time, we had come to celebrate and to say thank you to the people who pushed the Tobacco Control Bill till it was passed and the act signed by the President of the great Banana Republic. It was a different day, we were not going to Parliament, behind closed doors to discuss the bill, neither were we trying to sensitized people against the dangers of Tobacco, we were celebrating and sensitizing people about the main clauses of the Bill.

smoke free UG

Shirts with the words “#SmokeFreeUG” were supplied and countless many got ready to take the celebration to the street in form of a band that was also composed of young kids that I guess also know the dangers of Tobacco to everyone.

smoke free UG

After the long match, a few skits that left people in awe came along and so did the song(Say No to save lives) by Bonfire Uganda led by General Ugly Mcee. The topic was ranked 7 as trending in South Africa under the TT, #SmokeFreeUG

smoke free UG

Lian Manige Kikozi a youth and former tobacco addict testified to struggling with Tobacco. “Red eyes, brown teeth and black lips were my daily colours, I stopped using other drugs but tobacco was a constant and when I quit tobacco, my smoking comrades told me that ‘Otandisse okwonooneka, tuviile” which translates to You have started getting spoilt, leave us.

Smoke free ug

It was a day to enjoy and have fun, a day to watch the arts of tobacco and the skits that were showcased were based on some of the vital clauses of the act like; No selling more than 2 cigarettes, tobacco isn’t to be sold to anyone below the age of 18.

smoke free UG

Special thanks go to everyone who participated in the success of this Act either directly or indirectly, the Members of Parliament, the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of Parliament, the President, the team at Tobacco Control Uganda and the different nationals who understand that public smoking is more harmful to the passive smoker than the actual person smoking. Tobacco Addiction and Cancer are real, Say No To Save Lives, Tobacco Kills.


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