Conspiracy of Silence

We all as men and living things have neglected many things that we deemed useless or not worth our time, but these many things as we all know could have saved a life or uplifted a soul. Am not talking about the avocado you left by the roadside this morning as you tried to dodge the traffic so you could be early at work neither am I talking about the cat that you kicked out of your house last night. I am talking about us as humans and what we are doing to keep others down.

I am talking about the Boda guy you hate so much because they are too speedy but you have never cared to tell them to slow down because you are too busy creating hate space in your soul.

I am talking about that kid you saw being hit but you didn’t bother to call the police and now there is a funeral and the kid’s step mum is nowhere to be seen.

I am talking about that awesome fella who came to your inbox/DM asking that you be their mentor but you didn’t even reply because you are so proud.

I am talking about that workmate of yours who has bad breath and all you do is laugh it off in the corners and corridors of the office instead of letting them know how to do away with it.

I am talking about that kid in your neighborhood with sagging pants like they are heavy from a downpour and all you do is cheer him on.

I am talking about that government that has done all it can to keep the majority of the people in poverty and another ¼ under oppression but all we do as citizens is look on and create #tags but fear to be so direct because you know you might be next.

I am talking about those guys who love showing off to the public about how rich they are and how many millions they earn yet they can’t drop a penny off to charity nor visit a babies’ home or orphanage.

I am talking about the so-called Bigwigs who bully others into thinking these are self-acclaimed gods like Mukasa, causing fear instead of spreading love.

Yes I am talking about you and me, we look on as many things are going wrong, as people suffer yet we could be of help. We are too selfish, it’s eating us up and we are giving the gene to our kids, we have created a generation of every man for himself, but we all know that we need each other.

The other day my granny was at a boutique in town and some man, came up to her asking for money because he was burnt by the mum with hot water, his story was indeed saddening but my granny told him to simply go and find work instead of looking for petty money, my heart was moved when I found this same man in down town Kampala selling baby shoes.

We might say that everyone has to mind their business but what if something distorts your minding your own business, what if we got out of our comfort zone and blaming many things on other things. What if we just became the people we were when extended families where a thing, when we were a community that dearly cared about self and the neighbor, wouldn’t our country regain its drowning glory?

Hillary Rodham Clinton wrote a book “It takes a village to raise a child,” unfortunately, we have reversed this whole idea, it now takes a child to raise a child and it’s because we let it be.


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  1. we have created a generation of every man for himself, but we all know that we need each other …. talk about that …. it a line I preach about a lot


    1. We are neglecting our own, and embracing social media like it was here before we.

  2. skaheru says:

    Poignant, is the word that came to mind. #UGblogDAY

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