Do not Empty my Recycle Bin

Heya borrower, you have a tendency of asking for my Laptop for a few moments/minutes but then after you have it in your laps you pretend like it’s yours and you begin doing undeserved justice to it. My recycle bin didn’t ask to be emptied but you went ahead to empty it, not once not twice but now I am pissed. I had even renamed my recycle bin and I gave it a cool name just so you could know how important it is but you disregarded the indirect warning and you emptied the damn thing, where is your beef steaming from dear borrower?


Your Primary and Secondary IT teachers lied to you, didn’t the English teacher emphasize that to recycle is not to throw away completely? Perhaps you don’t know the importance of my recycle bin, perhaps you do but in a bid to punish me, you act like a discombobulate toddler and you simply click “Empty Recycle Bin” or perhaps you don’t know why it’s called a “recycle bin” and not a “Dust Bin” you humgruffin.

Heya reader, I have a disclaimer, my recycle bin isn’t filled with those things that you are already pilling up in your head, neither is it filled with those things you are going to start listing after reading the disclaimer. My Re-cycle bin is simply a re-cycle bin, filled with documents and information that I don’t need now but that which I can re-cycle for future use and reference, perhaps Microsoft should introduce a “Dust Bin” as well.

I am literally going to buy a gun and a bullet for every document that goes missing from my Re-cycle Bin and be warned because like a glimmer-gowk, I am watching my Recycle Bin closely. Perhaps you should also note that I have watched many movies and so I think I can shoot a gun, but on a serious note, can’t a man have his Re-cycle Bin not tampered with?


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