Heartbreak Syndrome.

I recall every moment like it happened just now,

how she crafted the words that crashed my soul,

how those words felt so heavy my heart fell in a pile,

how for a second my breath paused

and I was only bailed out by the hope of tomorrow.

At first love felt so sweet and soothing,

and I never looked on like a glimmer-gowk for what might happen next,

I never felt discombobulate like I feel now,

when love has turned against me,

all I see is a darkness and more darkness at the end of the tunnel.

I gave love a last shot and It used the bullet on me,

I am internally bleeding from sorrow and hurt,

I feel lost from within that I can’t explain the entire feeling,

Maybe I should call on Morris my inner most friend to explain,

but he to has been silent since her last call.

What must I do now?

’tis not easy for a hopeless romantic to move on,

where should he even throw his next step,

forward is a fog I can’t see through and backwards a darkness.

I was so gawpus to believe in love, like a serpent it turned on me.

I now sound like a blatherskite

but I wish I could fly my kite

it soaring in the skies above is a heavy relief

for my soul and heart have been drowned in waters so deep.

I fear I might not recover, from this heartbreak syndrome.



  1. Boss, is this the same girl or is your mind on another journey?

    Symptom is a symptomatic word if you know what I mean 🙂

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