The Finding of Love

I still recall the day I talked to her,
I recall the words she said to me,
I remember that awesome voice
On the other side of the line.
I hadn’t met her yet,
But my heart pounced at talking to her,
I thought we would be best friends and I wasn’t wrong,
Whenever we talked, my heart pounced,
I couldn’t tell what was happening to me,
I couldn’t even speak,
I simply chattered like an ape or I was crying like a parrot.

When I met her, it was on a cold day and I had no jacket on,
Neither did she,
We being together was enough to produce heat enough to warm us,
It was at a table of two, under the shade of a roadside dinner place,
She sat adjacent to me,
And she kept smiling while I was blushing,
We hardly ate what we had ordered for,
And she taught me a couple of new words.
Emotions pilled, feelings came to life,
The paralysis of my heart eased,
And all I could tell myself was
‘twill be well.

I became a gypsy of love,
Doubtful for quite a while,
I felt burning sensation in my heart,
The palpitation of the heart intensified,
She gazed at me with her valiant eyes,
Not a flinch, I swear I could drown in her eyes,
Dressed beautifully smart as to provoke my manhood,
With exceptional features, that I noticed in one glance
My regal-black self leaned back and replayed this scene of beauty,
Such flashes characterise my days and cold nights.

When she smiled,
Time paused for a moment,
I can sketch her smile form, because I saw it all,
There on her cheeks lied almost visible dimples,
That made her smile even more beautiful,
her round eyes, turned a little into oval,
her cheeks pushed backwards,
then her voice came forth,
sweet like a queen’s
or should I say
I had met the queen of my life.

At the moment in my life,
When feelings had faded,
When hope of love had vanished,
I was at that point of declaring failure in Love,
When she came into my life,
She swept me off my feet,
She made my heart slip and fall err time with her awesome,
She is the lady that graces my late night chats,
The one that crowns my dreams,
The first thing I think of before I wake or slumber
Her name is Sarah,
The joy she carries around is enormous.
I am in love with My Sarah,
And my heart is content.


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