That, This parent

We all have that parent that always complains,
That looks for reason even when there is none,
That asks for an explanation even when all is seen,
Often times,
We rehearse our conversation before hand,
We make sure we go to them perfect with
All answers well rehearsed.
These parents complain about everything,
Even the fact that your beard is over grown.
But still, our parent they are.

Then there is this parent,
No less a parent than the latter,
But this parent quickly understands our dilemma,
Not because they don’t want our constant whinnings,
But because they know better than ask for reason
When there is none.
They simply judge and act,
Because they know many questions
Are synonymous with rehearsed lies.
This type lets you live your life,
It is your life and they expect you not to
Make a mess out of it.
They have learnt to trust you,
Or rather the odds-
Experience is the best teacher.
But still our parent they are.

It’s a mix of life,
Talk about sweet sadness,
Just like the sides of a coin,
And such is life,
But still,  we enjoy every bit of it,
Even when we often avoid the first parent,
There are things the first can do better than
The second.
So we learn to utilize both,
But cautiously,  lest we leave a trail of lies,
That will surely haunt usnin our old age.


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