Forever Young.

I will not say what you want me to say,
I won’t proclaim that fear growing old,
I won’t admit that I already miss the old days,
The days when I didn’t care who judged me,
The days when I walked around in underpants
And no one bothered to say a word.
The days when my poetry was fresh and sweet,
When flirting was the order of the day.
The days when err one called me baby,
The times when all I did was be hopeless,
As I forged a life and a smile,
The days when I learnt to walk, or ride a bike,
When I could swim in a basin.
And all I did was cry and food was delivered.

I remember the crazy lines I passed by girls,
The lines that made them love me,
The lines that got me labeled casanova.
The smiles I brought on people’s faces,

I remember the love mama showed me,
When all I did was to run to her,
She would smile and give me a warm hug.
And that’s all my heart needed.

I remember the games we played,
Hide and seek, cooking games, dulu,
There was nothing that held me back.
We played all day, not knowing where dad or mum where.

I remember the high school days,
When we made girls cry and others laugh,
When we did things just so we could be cool.
When being a bad boy, got us girls.

when such memories strike you,
Even as you begin the rough road to the 20’s
You feel a pinch of age,
As it tickles through your whole body.

You start making decisions that either make or break you,
Responsibilities slowly pile up,
The ladder to your goal gets rough.
As the wrinkles start forming,
You fall in love with a precious gorgeous lady,
And children you make,
Then the cycle hits a replay.

As I lay down here on a mat,
I remember all that I have done,
All that I have become,
Regrets are many, but life should be lived,
As sleep must be slept.
Some times I scream for help,
But only I hear my screams for help.
I should keep moving forward,
Or so I guess.

But forever, I will be young,
Those sweet memories will keep piling up,
I will forget that I have grown,
For it matters not too much.


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