Using Fear

I am fearfully texting/writing this post, I don’t know where it will lead me to, I don’t even know if I will hit at least 300 words. But well, let the fear lead me through, the fear of not hitting my writing mark, the fear of failing to do it tonight.

Our great fore fathers and ancestors, all preached about fear, they said fear was/is like a ghost or a demon that possessed us unknowingly. They further went ahead to say fear made us weak, frail and often led to failure. From this point of view, fear is a bad thing and a cause of failure,  fear is an unknown demon that fears no man, fear is fear.


To this, I say “YES”, but not entirely. You see, this “demon” called fear can also be a good thing, our fore fathers only described one side of the coin. But you will agree with me that every coin has two sides, the other side of fear is not widely talked about, many people avoid it probably because they fear to know more about fear, or simply because no one has dared to properly explain to them the unknown.
Yesterday, if you told me “fear is good for personal development and growth”, I would simply walk away from you if not give you a stern slap across your cheek, but today, if you told me the same statement,  I would simply hug you and shower you with pecks, we don’t always have to conquer our fears, sometimes, we should use them.This is why!


“Do not touch the flat iron when it’s plugged in” granny once said, I was 6 years old. When she left for the garden, her words struck me again, and my mind posed a question, “Why not?” In that moment, fear engulfed me but reason over powered it, I touched the flat iron, it was hot, my small fingers got a scar that was to wear away with time.
If only I had listened, but such is the nature of kids, when you tell them ‘never enter that room,’ they will do it just to find out why you told them not to, this is because the fear of staying in the shadows, the unknown is overwhelmingly intense they can’t control their curiosity. Hence they learn, after touching the flat iron, I learnt that it’s often hot.

When we read to hard to pass our finals or the tests, it’s because we fear to fail…
When we follow the law to the core, it’s because we fear to go to prison, or we fear to leave our families,  or we fear to die…
When we watch the news at night, it’s because we fear to remain in the world of not knowing what is happening around us…
When we text or call our friends, it’s because we fear to lose them…
When we get insecure in our relationships,  it’s because we fear to lose those we love…                                                     Among Others.
I must admit, it might not entirely be fear in all the above circumstances,  but it sure is one of the reasons, whether we admit it or not.


Whenever I take long without scribbling a poem or publishing a post, fear toements me, the fear of losing my dear readers, the fear of getting rusty at poetry or writing,  the fear of inviting the much avoided “writer’s block,”  it’s such fear that motivates me to do what I do, it’s that part of fear that makes me say, fear is not entirely bad.

Use fear, stop fearing fear, the bad can be used for good. It’s a good thing to always see the good in bad, to see the light at the end of a dark tunnel. It’s possible, it’s not rocket science, let’s do this.




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