Gestation Periods.

26 years ago, he got onto his knees and pleaded to the Almighty for a job, he recited his Novena and the Rosary, from then till to date,  every year, he gets to his knees to thank God for having given him a job.
His brother did the same 12 years ago, but every year, he gets to his knees to ask for a job, because he hasn’t gotten a job yet.

We all have goals and dreams, we often have deadlines to beat and targets to hit, we can’t rule out the fact that the gestation period for man is 9 months, such is what is expected of every thing we do, have a deadline, have a mark to hit, let all your plans have a gestation period.


In this case, a gestation period would mean the period of time after which having hope is hopeless or useless, the period of time before which all your goals are valid and after which they seem like missed marks and entail one to go back to the drawing board.

I am not ruling out the fact that therè exist long term goals, but even these long term goals must have a gestation period, a maturity period, after which they either seem vague or invalid. We all should know when to give up, when to lay our pride and hope aside, when to know when to start afresh.

It wouldn’t make sense if you prayed for a job 12 years ago and you are still waiting for the same while you are using the same method of prayer. If you used to pray once every year, change the pattern, pray on a daily basis and don’t sit your lazy ass around waiting for Jesus to come give you a job, go back to the drawing board, work out a working pattern or formula, God only helps those who help themselves.

Let all your goals have a gestation period, do the same to most of your tasks, this will help you accomplish alot, and this will also lessen on the expectations we attach on people and things. It’s all about you and you alone can change your current situation and position. Let’s start throwing gestation periods around, because in the course of life, many die, their gestation period is reached, flowers wither, everything comes to an end.

The so-called twitter big wigs, the so-called social media Influencers, all those people who think they run this world, have a gestation period, a period after which they will expire and new life will be breathed in these same positions. Sepp Blatter resigned after close to 40 years at FIFA, the people of Burundi are tired of President Nkurunziza, people are resigning, others are dying, the rest are being laid off, it’s all a matter of time.


So lets throw these gestation periods at everything we set to do or are doing, we all must know our limits, you should know how many times to forgive the same person for the same mistake, how many times to fall in love with the same person, it’s a matter of time and priorities,  what are you waiting for?



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