Self denial

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Self denial is the tendency to desist from one’s intrests. Sacrifice.
Despite living in a time of great abundance for many, having more does not always lead to greater happiness and well-being. For example, the experience of positivity tapers off once family incomes exceed 6 figures. As people grow accustomed to material goods (e.g., fine dining, new smartphones), they often experience hedonic adaptation—that is, they get used to the finer things and are less inclined to savor daily pleasures.

How can people avoid the trap of hedonic adaptation? Interestingly, scarcity can lead people to focus on enjoying an experience more deeply (i.e., savoring), which increases happiness. For example once students are induced to feel like they have little time to the end of a year in school these students will be making more plans with friends and throwing themselves into school related activities. Same could apply for closure in the…

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