Falling in Love

life is all about love,
The best expresion of love is time,
There comes a time in your life
When you don’t want to be a player anymore,
When you have seen what you need,
The girl that makes your heart beat soothingly,
Beautiful with gorgeous eyes and falling hair,
An angelic smile with dimples,
A lady with a laugh so relieving
And a voice unimaginable,
When you meet a lady,
That even poetry can’t describe.

Ladies fear getting hurt,
They see all men as the same
But they never give up on love,
They meet a guy who blows them away err day,
A dude that sweeps you off o your feet,
Tall, handsome and dark skinned
Muscular with abs and packs,
With a thunderous voice and a warm hug,
Well dressed, well shaven, well groomed,
Mostly a bad guy,
Ladies claim good guys are boring,
A mind blowing cuteness that leaves you senseless.

In that moment of reality,
When you utter the words
‘I know not what you do to me.’
Love has taken her part in your life.
With a melancholy strain you smile
When he/she is with another,
Incomplete you feel
When he/she is away.
Imaginations and fantasies
Become your daily recipe,
His/her voice,
Your own craving…
His/her touch,
Soothes your soul,
When you don’t feel like
Being with another,
Then my friend,
You are in love.



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