When you feel down

After a long week, on a Sunday
Or any other day of the week,
After a long night, on a Saturday
Or when recovering from a hangover,
After a tough test or paper,
Or during clumsy moments of life.
After a heartbreak,
Or a heartbreaking experience,
After a long journey,
Or after completing a major task.
After a long seminar,
Or during one.
After miss an important meeting,
Or afer you miss the flight.
After a long illness,
Or when battling with one.

When you feel like there is no other option,
When you feel like no one can help,
When all that is left to do is frown,
When suicide becomes a viable option,
When nothing seems to work,
Overwhelmed by emotions,
Taken up by the past,
Regret and thoughts of doom,
“If only I had”  thoughts in zoom,
Time passes you by
As you hide in your small prison.

In that moment when,
The TV remote doesn’t seem to work,
Electricity makes an exit,
The food gets burnt,
Your favorite cup falls to the ground,
Your phone freezes.
The Internet gets funny,
One thing leads to another,
A constant flow of bad luck
An unending cycle.

Don’t lose hope,
Don’t get stuck in despair,
Quit worrying,
You got it in you to move any huddle,
Learn from the past, don’t get stuck there.
Mistakes are important,
Being late is fine,
Failing a paper is dramatic,
Loosen up,
You can do better tomorrow,
Make the drawing board your comrade,
Frown, but only I  your dreams,
For you can change any situation.
God got you,
Family got you,
Friends got you,
Life got you…..


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