Random Views…Why I fear Love.

Of When the mind goes wandering,
Of when I might fall in love,
Of how I would say to her
I love you,
Of how I would pant and sweat before hand,
The smile I will see forming on her face,
The blush like a flash,
The wholesome display of dimples,
Hazel eyes shinning bright.
Of how she would look at me and say
A yes or a No,
Of how my clumsy heart will panic,
As I try to read the words off her lips,
Covered in red beauty,
Ohh how the time will fly,
How a few minutes will seem like a month.

But what if I ain’t in love,
What if all it is is lust,
Better yet, just my crazy imagination,
What if she put a lock on the friendzone,
What if she doesn’t feel the same way,
What if I have taken things at an unusual pace,
I would pray the ground swallow me,
My woody eyes would tear,
My heart shattered
Into pieces unimaginable,
My whole body would freeze in that moment,
My mind would crash.
That’s why I fear love,
Fear with a passion.



  1. You’re a beast with words. I love how you describe the fear of love that I think we all ponder about deep down inside.

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