Among Heartless Humans

I often use public means, 14-Passenger carrier taxis in this case and I often take the front seat because of possible poor aeration at the back. Normally, I listen to music as I get to my destination, but not today, I forgot my ear-phones on my bed.

14-Passenger carrier taxis

So, when I entered the taxi, there was an elderly man seated at the front with me close to the driver, this man also happened to be a driver of long distance trucks and the actual driver of the taxi was a dude in his youthful years probably 23. The topic of their discussion was Boda-Bodas and their riders, why they chose such a topic, I was yet to learn.

Motorcycles also known as boda-boda

Many vehicle drivers and owners have low regard for pedestrians, cyclists and motorcycle riders to the extent that they pride themselves in knocking these people, often causing death or injury.
2 weeks ago, I was a victim of a hit run that involved a taxi, I was on a motorcycle heading to town from Wandegeya and as we( I and the rider) approached City Oil Wandegeya, from nowhere we were hit by a taxi, the driver didn’t care whether we died or lived because he raced off, we were only saved by the fact that behind the taxi was no car that would presumably finish us off. I got many bruises on my hand and on my leg, probably my craving to get a tattoo had been answered. The Motorcycle got spoilt and the rider was also injured, blood dripped from his helmet and as he told me not to pay him, my heartfelt heavy as I crossed the road to the family doctor at May medically clinic along Bombo Road. I survived but my life has never been the same again, I now have a simple limp and a tattooed right hand.

Now here I was in a taxi, a UAP series and the driver was giving a detailed account of how he enjoys knocking cyclists and motorcyclists. All along being cheered by his comrade who also was happy to have knocked a few people in his life. I sat in silence as I listened to such heartless men, and such are the people we live with today, such are the people we share our secrets with, and such are the people we eat dinner with. Humans with no consideration of the fact that other humans are also in pursuit of happiness, money and work.

Many times we curse and hope and send bad wishes towards those that hurt us, those that don’t have the capacity to stop and say sorry, and those that feel forgiveness is for the heavens… The taxi men that knock down cyclists and Pedestrians, the constant hits and runs in the city, the constant flipping of the humanity switch among people. Then it occurred to me;

“The wicked don’t die in that way: God seems to take them under his protection to use them as the instruments of His vengeance”

– Count of Monte Cristo

In the end, all we are left with is to say thank you God, to repent and to make sure we are at peace with all people. The Many wars that are happening today, the failed coups, the gruesome killings going on in the world, low regard for the black race, the increasing dictatorships in the world, the continuous deadly earth quakes, tsunamis, floods and disease. The undeniable temptations that we face each day, our weaknesses, the love for money and fear of death instead of Fear of God, terrorism and killing of innocent souls all in the name of Jihad.

What have we become, what path have we set ourselves on, what will our kids be like, why the increased impertinence?

Today, as you take a motorcycle, bicycle or walk down the street, ask yourself if you are safe from the reach of these hurtles taxi drivers. They will knock you and they will go and celebrate, but such is the world we live in today.



  1. Nice informative post. Many times we blame boda bodas for the accidents they get involved in yet there are also heartless drivers who simply enjoy knocking them for God knows what reasons… This shd be an eyeopener for us all!. Thanks for sharing

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